Picket information for tomorrow morning

Bit last minute, but here’s some details for the morning – see you bright and early!

Edinburgh peeps – help support the picket, help make this strike as successful as possible.

Here is the information for people who want to go and picket tomorrow morning in support of their lecturers, university staff and other fellow students in defending education and attacks on pensions. 

Contact the named people with any questions, to get an idea about numbers or find out what things might be useful to bring along. Pickets officially start at 8.30am, but people need to go down earlier to the Teviot Place picket as this is where the post gets delivered.

Spread the word!

KB Corner – Ali -07725033485
Just near this – http://www.ed.ac.uk/maps/buildings/ashworth-laboratories

Moray House – Mike W 07917356036

Charles Stewart House – Max 07793652131

Old College (Front and Back) – Innes 07908783366

New College – Aurora 07427177800

Main Library – Kate – 07917858961

Teviot Place – Mike S – 07540248868

ECA Front and back – Abi – 07840474721

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