A Message of Support For Our Occupation From A Member of Staff…

“I support the occupation of the Finance Director’s Office and thank those involved for standing in solidarity with staff members. As a current tutor, I see the enormous amount of work that goes into preparing tutorials, marking essays, and providing basic support to students, much of which is unpaid and unacknowledged, but necessary and expected of us. We work alongside administrative staff who have to deal with us difficult academics and increasingly demanding students who are encouraged to get their money’s worth from the university. All of us work in university buildings that are cleaned and maintained by staff who get paid less per hour than I do, and almost £200,000 less per year than the university Vice-Chancellor. And yes, all our work is necessary to the running of this university and in the pursuit of that every elusive excellent student experience. Our work is, however, very unequally acknowledged. All our work is valuable, but the current differences in pay do not reflect this. We must stand together to demand a fairer deal for all university staff, and make sure the university listens to the demands of those striking again.”

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