Our Demands

Our principles:

  • Education should be free: funded through higher taxation on corporations and the rich.
  • Education is a social, public good: universities should not be run for private profit.
  • Universities should be democratically organised: directly controlled by staff and students.

We demand immediately from Edinburgh University:

  • No legal or academic repercussions for anyone involved.
  • Staff who take strike action on November 30th should have no pay deducted because of their action.
  • Staff who refuse to cross picket lines despite not being in a union which is on strike should face no recriminations.
  • That an all student email be sent out on the issue of the November 30th strikes outlining the position of management, UCU and EUSA.
  • Free tapwater in all university cafes, putting the welfare of staff and students before profit.
  • Withdrawal of the proposed 36k fees at Edinburgh University.
  • Full and open consultation between management, staff and students concerning fees.
  • No privatisation of education and no privately funded courses or research.
  • No cuts to courses or compulsory redundancies.
  • To guarantee no cuts to library, student support or learning resources.
  • A living wage for all workers at Scottish universities including those subcontracted.
  • Tutor should be paid for all the work they do; tutors need to be paid for enough time to provide proper feedback.
  • University senior management must take the average salary of university staff, or resign.
  • A public condemnation of the Westminster Government’s Higher Education White Paper.
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