Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Coalition

Solidarity statement with occupations around the UK


Students at the University of London Senate House occupation are currently facing unacceptable aggression whilst being forcibly removed from the premises. Three Sussex University students have been suspended for taking part in the occupation of Bramber House; University of Birmingham students are facing court action over occupations; University of Sheffield management took court action to prevent further occupations after students occupied on Monday night.

We at the University of Edinburgh stand in full solidarity with all students facing victimisation over action against the privatisation and marketisation of education and for supporting staff campaigns for fair pay in the higher education sector.

Continued attacks on students for fighting for their rights will not silence us. Just this week we have seen ten universities go into occupation over cuts to staff pay, the privatisation of the student loan book, and huge pay inequalities within institutional structures. More action is sure to follow. Scare tactics by university management did not work in the past, and will not work in the present.

The University are worried because when students take action properly they can actually win. We’ll be continuing to fight for decent pay and conditions for University staff, for a democratically accountable students union and control of our universities by students and staff. The university management will fight back with extreme violence, but they have no legitimacy and they know it.

We are united against cuts, inequalities and continued attacks on the least fortunate in order to fund excessive pay packets for senior management. We will not give up the fight and we urge those around the country who are courageously standing up to inequality and oppression to stand strong and never give up.