Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Coalition

Out From The Occupation & Off To The Pickets


The University of Edinburgh occupation which began at 9.30am on Monday 2nd December was always planned to end on the morning of Tuesday 3rd December. We, the occupiers, are calling an end to the occupation in order to leave the building and join the strike. We occupied in solidarity with workers who are facing real-terms pay cuts of 13%, and are now joining them on picket lines to continue expressing the same solidarity.

We will continue to fight for our demands, and we hope that next time you will join us. This is the start of a wave of actions on our campus to fight for the rights of our staff and against the marketisation of our University. We stand in solidarity with the Universities of Sussex, Birmingham, Sheffield, Exeter, Goldsmiths and Ulster, who have also occupied over the same issues.

We call for all concerned about the future of education to join us at an organising meeting on Saturday 7th December, 3pm at the entrance to Potterow.

Please email fairpayinhe@riseup.net for any further information.