We’re not weirdos, honest

It’s a Friday night, I’m missing my friend’s boozy 20something birthday (it’s her third 21st…) because I’m sitting in Appleton Tower writing about strikes.

Life fail?

Maybe, but I hope not.

Occupations are about more than just hummus eating, a coffee intake three times more than the normal and trying to fashion a pillow out of someone else’s corduroy jacket (yes, I did this last night). Earlier I actually wrote my full name on a polystyrene cup so I could re-use it. Grim.

But I’m here because important shit is happening…
Next Wednesday our lecturers and tutors will be on strike because their pensions are being significantly cut – and they are being asked to work longer to earn less.

It’s not only them on strike though – the 30th of November will be the biggest mass strike in a generation. Around *three million* people and 30 unions!

This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often.

Workers and the public sector are under attack – we need to stand up and say how much we value our nurses, teachers, electricians, lecturers…

So we’re spreading the word.
Don’t go to class on the 30th – it weakens the strike if classes go ahead.
People will be outside lecture theatres and libraries to inform people about the strike and ask them not to go in university buildings.

Join us!

As much or as little participation as you would like – from re-posting this to sleeping on the floor and going round picket lines at stupid o-clock in the morning.

Ridiculous hair is not compulsory…
(this is me btw)

Kate x

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One Response to We’re not weirdos, honest

  1. Kirstente says:

    I love this photo. And I miss Edinburgh.

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