Party Against Privilege!

See history being made?
Princess Anne is being inaugurated as the new chancellor of Edinburgh University at 1.30pm on the 26th of September in an outrageous celebration of wealth and privilege.

The Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Coalition believes that education should be free and publicly funded, that students should have enough money to live on, and that universities should be run for the good of society and not for private profit.

The University of Edinburgh’s recent decision to make Princess Anne our Chancellor, to represent the university to the rest of the world, stands completely at odds with these values.

Princess Anne has no connection to education. She is a symbol of unelected, unaccountable power. She is a relic of an age where education was the domain of a privileged elite.
Further to this, the decision was made entirely undemocratically. The Chancellor is supposed to be elected by former students but the University management rigged the election to ensure that she was unopposed.

At a time when students are being hit with colossal fees, the University has chosen to spend thousands of pounds on a celebration of privilege.

The Edinburgh Anti-Cuts Coalition call on students, lecturers, workers, jugglers, dancers, cyclists and clowns to join us in a Party Against Privilege.

While the University celebrate the out-dated values of a wealthy elite we will reclaim the streets and party in the name of democracy, equality and solidarity.

There will be:
Food Not Bombs
Live Music
Reclaim The Streets

Print off flyers and get the word out:



Join us!

Party Against Privilege!

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