Our Demands!

We demand immediately from Edinburgh University:

  • Freedom of access
  • No legal or academic repercussions for anyone involved

We demand of the Scottish government and Scottish Universities:

  • Withdrawal of the proposed 36k fees at Edinburgh University
  • Withdrawal of all fee rises at other Scottish Universities, and no future proposals without meaningful student consultation.
  • That they uphold the basic principle, inherent in the Scottish education system, of free education for all.
  • Scotland should actively oppose Westminster policies challenging that principle.
  • An explicit rejection of any future proposals that seek to change the status of Scottish Universities from public educational institutions to privately funded enterprises.
  • No privatisation of education and no privately funded courses.
  • No cuts to courses or compulsory redundancies in Scottish universities.
  • Full and open consultation between management, staff and students concerning fees.
  • A living wage for all workers at Scottish universities including those subcontracted.
  • University senior management must take the average salary of university staff, or resign.
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2 Responses to Our Demands!

  1. Paul says:

    i strongly supported your occupation last year in practical terms.

    i think you’ve got this one wrong though. think it through. the uni scraps these fees. then what? we know what – the policy of no fees in scottland becomes unworkable. then what? scottish students are likely to find it very difficult to get into uni in scotland as fees refugees take many, many places. scottish students – if they can afford to (most won’t) – will then be increasingly forced south … to pay fees. at that point, there is no point in the scottish government maintaining this policy and scottish fees resistance collapses. that moment is a disaster for every student in the UK.

    we need the scottish government to resist fees so we have a comparison of how things would have been without fees in 3/5 years time and to evidence the effect of this abhorant policy.

    the scottish government policy looks and feels wrong but there is no other choice – they are absolutely spot on with this.

    further pressure should be brought to bear on the coalition – not the government that is actually resisting fees to the best of their efforts.

    i really feel you’ve got this wrong. open to persuasion otherwise, but you have to get into the nuts and bolts of this – “fees are bad” is too simple in this instance.

  2. Ben says:

    Good Demands. The final one about salary seems to be a bit inconsistent with the rest of the demands and looks as if it has been inserted primarily to aggravate the management. Good work though, hold out, and see you sometime soon.

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