Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Coalition

Edinburgh students occupy to support striking lecturers!


A group of over 50 students are currently occupying the Human Resources department in Charles Stewart Building on Chambers Street.

We are currently (2pm) meeting with a head of the Human Resources department.

Please see the previous blog post for more info on the UCU pensions dispute, and our position.

Edinburgh students occupy to support striking lecturers

Image below from article abov, courtesy of Ben Wray.

We have presented these demands to the HR department:

We , the concerned students currently occupying Charles Stewart Building, call on the HR department to do the following:

1. Issue a public statement calling on employers to reenter into negotiations with UCU, through ACAS.
2. Lobby Universities Scotland to do the same as the above.
3. Allow UCU to send an unedited email to all students and staff, in relation to the industrial action.
4. Stop using the rhetoric of students’ interests to attempt to create divisions inside the University over the issue.

In solidarity,

Concerned students of Edinburgh