The Occupation Ends. The Preparation Begins!

No one could have asked for a finer end to the first occupation. At midnight we marched out of Appleton to the sound of bag pipes.

We quickly moved into occupation of Teviot, one of the student unions. But alas, this lasted only two pints. (or approximately 40 minutes of spontaneous chanting, leading the union staff into considering the possibility that we were there to stay. The banners and mass amounts of duvets didn’t help). One hour and a short exchange of snow balls later we parted ways into this dark night.

When we began our occupation there were 2 universities in occupation. When we left there were 20!

In the coming days we will work on mobilising people to march on Wednesday. Student unions from every major Scottish University have pledged to join Edinburgh in a mass rally! Again, meeting in Bristo Square at 11:45.

We march on Parliament!

Whilst we plan the coming days, and further occupations after Christmas we leave you with this insightful occupation memorandum by the Informatics department:


One cold, cold day in late November
Almost before anyone can remember
Some occupiers  wanting to fight the power
Came and settled in Appleton Tower

Many floors above, a bunch of geeks
Most of whom had not slept for weeks
Observed this sudden visit below
Took a minute off work to enjoy the show

They were there to protest, they claimed
To make the Lib Dems feel ashamed
About breaking their promises on education
And according to many, letting down the nation

Us informaticians were angry at first
We muttered, complained and angrily cursed
“What are these people try’n to achieve?
We want them to get out, we want them to leave!”

But after a while we all settled down
Got used to these strangers and their Apple Town
We settled back into our digital bliss
We had coursework to do and sleep to dismiss

They stayed in our building for quite a long while
Lingering there like a strange system-file
But next time you enter our home like a flock
Could you perhaps be as kind as to knock?

But now you are leaving us geeks behind
We hope that you haven’t found us too unkind
Take care when you leave, avoid the fresh air
If you want to pop in, we will always be here

So this is goodbye, this is farewell
We hope you enjoyed your stay in our hotel
Whilst you are dispersing, setting out on new missions
We’ll remain here for ever, signed, the Informaticians


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2 Responses to The Occupation Ends. The Preparation Begins!

  1. Phew. Thank God our blog is on hiatus now. It might have caused some kind of rift in the universe if we had been forced to parody a blog-post partially consisting of one of our own parodies. We might well have gone into a very unfortunate infinite loop…

    Good luck on Wednesday.

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