One Week of Occupation!

Today marks the 7th day of occupation!

In just over a week, Westminster votes on the cuts and fee rises in the rest of the UK. Scotland’s policy will be massively affected by this vote. The Liberal Democrats are crumbling. Abstaining is not good enough. This must not pass.

We continue to receive messages of solidarity from across the globe, people from every background have been standing by us: We value education as a public good.

Today we also received solidarity from Ken Loach, highly respected, multi-award winning, visionary director! (Our words! And he’s offered to send as many films as we want!).

The atmosphere in Edinburgh is great as the momentum continues to grow nationally!

We now have over 800 followers on Twitter, it won’t be long before we reach 1000!

And nationally there are 17 occupations! How long before we reach 20?

But we have to move from our current space on Friday as exams are being set up. We need suggestions for what to do next, will you join us in these crucial days?

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2 Responses to One Week of Occupation!

  1. Adam Smith says:

    Solidarity and support from Glasgow University!
    With Lib Dems abstaining, and the Welsh Parliament opposing, the tide is turning and the people are winning!
    Keep warm, and keep showing the rest of Scotland the way forward.x

  2. Congrats! You are well on your way to becoming full fledged citizens now! Come back and join us in January, spring is a wonderful season for an Appleton occupation!

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