Media Coverage of Yesterday

Three of our favourite news articles covering yesterdays snow ball fight with the parliament building at Holyrood. Interesting to see the different angles they’re coming from!

Its great to see the media dedicating coverage to our cause. The press seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit yesterday too! The Sun article is quite funny, ‘pelters’?!

The Guardian: Edinburgh students’ snowball protest over tuition fees

The Sun: We gave them pelters!

The Scotsman: Student anger snowballs in Scotland

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5 Responses to Media Coverage of Yesterday

  1. Jonny D says:

    What’s lazy about them? the guaridan one for example gets it in one: “Local students played their part in today’s national protests against tuition fees”. Sure i see the sun etc try to write about the whole of the uk butThe guardian boy seems to come to everything we do and that video he did is perfect propaganda for us. he agreed not to use the film when we asked him to from inside appleton, and right enough he’s never used it.we should be bombarding them with everything they need seen as they are on our side. not criticising them as lazy. i thought we were about solidarity. or are we just anti-everything? come on guys USE THE SYSTEM TO OUR people supporting us should be welcomed not critixzsed. you dont know how lucky we are to get that kind of coverage. use it dont abuse it. hope all warm inside the uni today xox jonny.

  2. Jonny D says:

    Ok thanks. I suppose its lazy that they just show up and dont write more or speak to more of us but who know’s what their agendas are. i just think back to the old dys when we got called things like ‘smelly students” and tree huggers even thor we were nothing to do with hugging trees. we are being listened to and ought not to bite the hand that rarely feeds. especially from the murcdoch press empire (sun, times etx) (who is really deepyly part of the government)! keep up the fab works x JonnyD

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