Plans for the Rally, now featuring Nick Clegg?

Take a look at the previous post about Nick Clegg being at Holyrood. We’ve been in contact with four reliable sources who have informed us that he will be there. This coincides with the destination of our rally. This is our chance to show Nick Clegg the diversity of people supporting this cause! People are coming from every walk of life fighting education cuts in Scotland and across the UK.

Legal Note:

We are not organising this rally, nor did we call it in the first place. We are just one group that are involved and promoting it.

There are numerous other groups turning up. This rally has come together organically, so we have no idea of numbers. But this has also been promoted by the University and College Union, Edinburgh University’s Student Association President Liz Rawlings, Edinburgh College of Arts Student Union (can’t confirm this atm), trade unions and is backed by the National Union of Students. Individuals from this blog, our twitter, flyering across the city and word of mouth have said they will join us. We have been receiving around 5000 unique hits each day on the blog. This does not even include people using University computers for instance, which may be counted as only one hit. This movement has no leaders: This is truly grass roots action! All we really know is that it is going to be big!

The march meets at Bristo Square in Edinburgh at 11:30

We have had a meeting with the police and city council.

They suggested the best route would be along George IV Bridge, then down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

Take a look at this legal advice and take down the phone number, it shouldn’t come to this though. But you should know your rights and how to get support just in case:

Dress warm. REALLY WARM. Bring flasks of hot drinks/soup. Bring water and food. If we stay comfy and happy then it will be great fun!

Bring drums, costumes, vuvuzelas, anything else that makes a noise!

We already know of a funeral procession that is planned mourning higher education. So if you fancy joining them!

We are also planning on calling for Britain’s Biggest Snowball Fight!

When we reach Holyrood there will be numerous speakers. We have arranged for at least two Members of Scottish Parliament, speakers from across Scotland, and speakers from the NUS, UCU, EUSA, NUJ and numerous others.

At Holyrood we are going to show the nation how to have fun and how to keep warm!

If you are a school pupil wear your uniform! Both to show people that we are not then apathetic and to ensure proper treatment from police.

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5 Responses to Plans for the Rally, now featuring Nick Clegg?

  1. ambothan says:

    I’m sorry I can’t join the march today but will be thinking of you all – solidarity in spirit.

  2. andy says:

    Nice one students! I’m unemployed and was at the demo today – you guys are leading the way in the fight against the cuts!

  3. "Wolfie" Smith says:

    Power to the people!

    The students and workers are revolting!

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