Principal’s meeting and statement

The Principal of Edinburgh University, Sir Tim O’Shea, visited the occupation this morning and delivered a statement from the university secretary. This was followed by discussion with him for half an hour afterwards.

The occupation will hold an open meeting at 1pm today in Appleton Tower to decide and discuss what to do next.

The statement as follows:

The University of Edinburgh recognises the intrinsic value of higher education as a public good and cares deeply about access to education. It will continue to work to reduce financial barriers to students and is proud of the steady increase in the number of scholarships and bursaries available to students. in all discussions of university funding we take very seriously the issue of cost to students and will work hard to influence other universities within the Russell group and within university Scotland.

The University also values its staff, and in these difficult times will be fair and transparent in relation to the impact any external imposed cuts in funding have on its operation.

The University is committed to consultation and negotiation with the Edinburgh University Students’ Association with the recognised trade unions and with the wider community associated with the university.

University of Edinburgh students participation in the current occupation of Appleton Tower will not be subject to disciplinary action unless the commit and offence or engage in misconduct as defined by the universities general statement on student discipline.

The occupation is supported and backed by the NUS (National Union of Students), by EUSA’s (Edinburgh University Students’ Association) President Liz Rawlings (along with numerous other members), by the UCU (University and College Union) and numerous other trade unions.

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