The Edinburgh Occupation has received confirmation from four very reliable sources that Nick Clegg will be in Edinburgh tomorrow launching the Scottish Bill at 3:10pm at Dynamic Earth, Holyrood. This is next to the Scottish Parliament the destination of the Scottish National Day of Action which will be marching from Bristo Square at 11:30.

This will be more than just Britain’s biggest snowball fight! This will be the opportunity for Students, higher education staff, their supporters and all those who will be affected by upcoming cuts to make their voices heard by the Government. Quite literally.

This is a secret. So tell everybody.

One of our sources has confirmed a current media black out on the situation.

The sources all gave the same building and the same time (around 3).

We were hesitant to publicise this at first, as we only had one (though very reliable source). We can not say any more to protect their anonymity.

Let’s march on Holyrood!

Bristo Square 11:30, The Old Town, Edinburgh to Holyrood Parliament. Meet Nick at 3.

The police suggested this route, but as we have not organised this march we can not guarantee that this will be followed.

Bristo Square
Forrest Road
George IV Bridge
Royal Mile

Some of the confirmed speakers tomorrow:
Sandra White MSP (SNP)
Someone from Glasgow anticuts
Someone from Strathclyde anticuts
Pete Murray, NUJ president
Liz Rawlings President of EUSA
A vice President of NUS

Wrap up really warm, bring snacks, flasks etc. as it will be VERY COLD and could involve a lot of standing still. Though we will try to reduce this with enetertainment! Lets keep warm and well fed! It will be a great day!

Oil Drums and wood would be amazing if at all possible!
Bring extra hot drinks/soup to share
Instruments: Nothing beats entertainment!
Contact us for ideas etc!

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  1. James Albon says:

    Media black out? The BBC called me earlier to confirm if they could interview me following the march, so hopefully we will get coverage. Sorry I’ve been out of the way today, I’ll see you all tomorrow

  2. David says:

    This makes me pretty jealous. Make sure you all chant about him turning blue and being a fuckin’ Tory too, yeah?

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