Making Education Access Real

One of the criticisms we’ve drawn is that we’re disrupting other students’ education, in contradiction with our call for better access for all to education across the country. So we’ve worked hard to make sure the minimal disruption has been caused (ensuring that students who needed to use Appleton Tower to study were allowed access, for example) — and now we can claim that we’ve enhanced other students education!

While the University unilaterally decided to cancel lectures in our occupied theatre, we’ve been encouraging students and teachers to come on down anyway. Hugo Gorringe, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, did just that, inviting his tutorial in Social and Political Movements to come along to the occupied theatre to learn.

“What better place to talk about social movement outcomes than in a place where people are involved in social activism,” he told us, after his tutorial had finished. Members of the public and students from other courses and the occupation had also joined in, which he was particularly pleased about. “It would have defeated the object if it had just been class members, so I’m very pleased that people involved stayed and took part and contributed to discussions,” he said. “The class discussion worked well, people were welcoming, they joined in, and really engaged.”

He finished by telling us that his class had been improved by taking place at the occupation. “One thing I’ve learned in teaching is that people learn best when you can relate the course material to things that matter to them,” he explained. So we’d like to welcome more lecturers to come on down and teach us a thing or to! Everyone is welcome.

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4 Responses to Making Education Access Real

  1. Siddharth Madhusudan says:

    How’s management reacting? Any move on that side?

  2. Sinéad Sheehan says:

    Thanks so much for doing this for everybody 🙂 We need to come up with alternatives to the system. The entire educational system needs a shakeup and who better to do it than a network of intelligent people involved in education. We need to get the lecturers involved as well as more people from other levels of education. Now is not the time to worry about deadlines or to worry about assessments. We need to consider the big picture and shape our own future, with our own hands. We are taking control and we are already making a difference.

    Solidarity from Aberdeen – we made it down to London but now we need to get off our asses up here too!!

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