Important Update

At 4pm today we had our first proper negotiation meeting with a University staff member. Dr Kim Waldron, a representative of the Principal, came to talk over our demands and the occupation. She was very definitely opening negotiations with us: she was keen to talk over our demands and the pledge, and spoke of wanting to co-operate on writing a document which the University could sign and which we would be happy with.

This is the first stage of our victory, and we’re very pleased to have successfully opened negotiations. The next round will be on Monday, when we will see what the University will currently offer and make our response.

We have resolved to stay over the weekend, at least until the demonstration on Tuesday, and we’re still planning to stay until the University meets our demands. The decision was reached through a really powerful mass meeting, and through consensus decision-making processes. We are proud of our strength and solidarity.

Dr Waldron assured us that people would not be disciplined for peacefully protesting, and also said that she expected lectures to resume on Monday, with occupiers remaining in residence. This is the second stage of victory: access to education for Edinburgh students has been ensured for the length of the occupation!

The current downside is that University security are being uncooperative on freedom of movement. We are continuing negotiations, but the current situation is that the occupation will be on lock-down from 9pm tonight until 7am on Monday morning: anyone who leaves will not be allowed to return, apart from students who would normally have access to the building. Updates on the access situation will be made as soon as it changes on this page.

Over the weekend, if people are denied freedom of movement, we will be claiming a public space in Edinburgh anyone can come to be involved in supporting the occupation and planning Tuesday’s demonstration. Details coming soon.

We are already winning! The fight continues! Solidarity forever!

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One Response to Important Update

  1. someoneorother says:

    Sounds like it’s going swimmingly other than the lock-down.

    I’d be interested to hear more about how the negotiations went within a consensus model of decision making.

    Solidarity for ever from an ex Oxford occupier!

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