General Meeting Thursday

We met at 13:00 to discuss the occupation and actions that are going forth. The next meeting will be at 19:00, after a dinner that all are invited to, provided they bring friends and dinner. The demands and pledge that we wished to be signed have been sent, and we are currently awaiting reply. We will be watching a movie later tonight, as well.

These are the proposals that were decided upon in this meeting:

1. Occupation continues on a rolling basis, decided every day.

2. If the University has decided to move classes in this lecture theatre, we will have our own! There were several suggestions, and workgroups have been set up to that effect.

3. Communication is established, and must be maintained with other university protests. For instance, Skype!

4. Five committees were set up, and are meeting now:

Security team, which will deal with relaying our terms and demands to Security.

Scheduling team, which is trying to figure out when and where and how.

Logistics, which is dealing with food and money issues.

Communications, which is dealing with making a smaller message for the wider public and students, as well as liaising with the Press.

Solidarity, which is raising support amongst students and liaising with other universities.

We have enjoyed talking with supporters and other occupations on Skype. Our username is edinburgh.occupation

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4 Responses to General Meeting Thursday

  1. Harry Giles says:

    Is the solidarity group thinking about or interested in hearing about solidarity beyond student bodies? If so (hope so!) will be interested in helping out when I get back tomorrow. If not, let’s make such a group! So sorry I can’t be there today.

  2. Appleton Fortress says:

    Any updates on a response from the uni yet??

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