Worldwide Solidarity

The messages of solidarity are pouring in for our occupation. Here’s a selection:

From Quebec:

As December 6th comes close, the strike of about 40 000 students is about to begin against the increase of tutition fees around here. We are all too aware of the difficult battles our fellow students face in UK. People here know what’s going on the other side of the atlantic. We are are with you in hearts and minds. Fight back!

From Bristol:

UWE sends messages of solidarity from its occupation! Congrats on the march!

From France:

Just a wee email to say keep up the momentum with these protests. It’s really amazing to see the movement spreading to schools and the wider community too!

Sadly I’m on Erasmus in France but trust me, the fact that all French students are talking about is how impressed they are with UK students just goes to show how widely the message is spreading. There was even a mention in a lecture I had last week! It’s only a month ago that my uni here was blocaded by students angry with pension reforms and it’s still going on. Students on Erasmus need you to keep the anti-cuts message loud for as long as it takes, just like the students here are doing (different issue, but very similar anger!).

Good luck and solidarity!

From New York

Solidarity from New York! As an ex-Edinburgh University student I can’t tell you how proud I am of your occupation and protest today, and I wish I was there. Keep it up.

From Edinburgh (!)

I’m tremendously proud of Edinburgh University students for what they’ve done today. When the previous generation occupied across the country in the late 70s against higher fees for overseas students, we had great spirit and great support on the campuses but were pretty isolated from the wider society and the labour movement. You are not!

From U.C.U. Members at University of Central Lancashire, Preston

A bag of food!


My name is Kieron Green – I am a member of the STUC Youth Committee and a Labour Scottish Parliamentary Candidate for next years elections. I am pleased that so many students are protesting against the cuts to higher education. As a graduate of Edinburgh University I’ve had many a lecture in Appleton Tower and I admire your determination in spending so much time demonstrating there! With £20,000 student debt myself I know how long it takes to repay, and find the prospect of increased mortgage sized debts horrific. As well as giving my personal support as a Labour Candidate and Edinburgh University Graduate I give the support of the STUC Youth Committee to your peaceful protest, and hope that the governments, both in Westminster and Holyrood listen to your concern.


Dear occupiers,

On behalf of the Education Activist Network, we would like to express our solidarity with your occupation. The student movement has a proud history of direct action and civil disobedience, and the attacks on our education from the Con Dem government require this on a scale.

We think it is important that activists involved in the different occupations – and in other actions such as the college and school walkouts – have a chance to compare their experiences and share ideas. More important still is that we have a chance to coordinate our resistance at a national level, to build a movement that can really threaten the government’s agenda.

To this end the Education Activist Network is organising a national student coordination meeting in London this Sunday. We very much hope that a delegation from your occupation can attend.

In solidarity,

Education Activist Network


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Occupation at Edinburgh University,

On behalf of Save Our Services in Surrey, the anti­cuts alliance bringing together trade unions,
community groups and activists across Surrey in resistance to all public sector spending cuts, we send
our solidarity and congratulations on your occupation and for standing up against cuts and for a better
education system based on people before profit.

We want you to know that whole swathes of the trade union and student movement in Surrey are
standing square beside you in your struggle. The cuts in education spending, the gigantic hike in tuition
fees, and the wholesale decimation of further and higher education does not just affect students. It does
not affect just workers at the University either. It affects the entire community ­ the cuts in education will
rip out the heart of communities across the country.

While we might be down here in “leafy” Surrey, the struggles we face here are the same as the issues
you face in Edinburgh; indeed, the Coalition Goverment’s slash and burn agenda for our public services
affects us all. I was honoured and humbled to address your fellow students who are in occupation at
Royal Holloway College in Egham. Many of the students who were in occupation there realise that we,
as a society, need our public services and that students and trade unionists need to stand together to
oppose the onslaught and put forward the case for well funded public services and education that
serves the needs of students, staff and the local communities that they live and work in.

The action you are taking is drawing a line in the sand. On behalf of all of us, you are standing up for our
local services, for our public sector. If there is anything further we can do to help, please let us know.

We look forward to working together with you to fight cuts, and for decent, well funded public services
that work for communities, not shareholders.

Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Leary
Chair, Save Our Services in Surrey


Dear Occupiers,

The efforts you are making are greatly appreciated by this ex-Edinburgh student (1987-91).

The more effort and imagination you put into opposing the cuts, the more inspiration you give the rest of us.

Best wishes and power to the people,



Massive, massive love you all! A disappointing lack of support from our guild for peaceful protest – you guys are the next step. You’re making history. Solidarity.

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8 Responses to Worldwide Solidarity

  1. Ken MacLeod says:

    I’m tremendously proud of Edinburgh University students for what they’ve done today. When the previous generation occupied across the country in the late 70s against higher fees for overseas students, we had great spirit and great support on the campuses but were pretty isolated from the wider society and the labour movement. You are not!

    One tip from the old days – send out teams to the halls of residence, the cafeterias, and the university workers to explain what you’re doing and build support. That works! Oh, and make sure you eat decent food while you’re occupying 🙂

  2. Alan Sharkey says:

    Ken MacLeod! Fantastic!

    Sorry I had to leave early, but hope the occupation went/is going well.

  3. Jillian says:

    Great day yesterday at the march, so much high spirits!
    And it was so good to see the pupils of Portobello high school come along to support. Also nice to see the reaction we recieved during the march, being clapped by bystanders, some of whom joined the march, and the pupils of ST Thomas’ clapping us as we went past the school.
    Hope all goes well at the rally today, sorry i cant be there, but will hopefully get back up later 🙂

    Kepp up the good work!!

  4. Chas says:

    Stay strong brothers and sisters, you are an inspiration to us all!

  5. nikki says:

    Solidarity from San Francisco! Trans-Atlantic love and wishes of good luck.

  6. andrea says:

    Solidarity from the 3rd floor.

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