Solidarity Rally Called for 12 Noon TODAY

We’ve decided to call a rally outside Appleton Tower for 12 noon tomorrow, Thursday 25th November, to make our messages heard, to show solidarity with struggles across the UK, and to keep the anti-cuts momentum in Edinburgh building.

We’re inviting everyone who’s feeling the impact of the cuts: not just students, but also workers who fear for their jobs, benefit claimants facing forced labour, families worried for their children’s future, everyone who’s angry about the direction the government is taking us.

Confirmed Speakers So Far:

– Jamie Alison – Edinburgh UCU

– Tom Webster – Edinburgh UCU

– John McArdle – Disabled rights activist

– Des Loughney – Secretary, Edinburgh Trades Council

– Duncan Smith – Chair of Edinburgh UNISON

– Nathan Sparling – Convener of SNP Youth

– A student from Strathclyde Anti-Cuts Group

– A student from Glasgow Anti-Cuts Group

– Des Loughney – Secretary of Edinburgh TUC

-More speakers to be confirmed-

(Interested speakers see contact page)

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8 Responses to Solidarity Rally Called for 12 Noon TODAY

  1. Bob Winton says:

    Keep on going strong. sorry i had to leave the occupation but big thanks to everyone (especially humphrey(sp?) and co for making sure we got back into the building after our smokes)
    See you all tomorow

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  3. Kyle Paterson says:

    Protest today was awesome, so gutted I missed the sit-in!
    Well done from the Trinity Academy people!!

    • Thanks Kyle!

      The occupation is still going at Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 2, just off George Square. There is to be a rally in George Square tomorrow at 12. See the main page of this blog! Hope to see you there!

  4. anticuts says:

    All the best for tonight & tomorrow from!

  5. Liam says:

    solidarity from Glasgow – hope the protest goes well tomorrow!

  6. Innocent Bystander says:

    Please don’t cause too much of a riot – make your point, but not through violence or illegal means!

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