Our Demands and Pledge

After a strong first meeting, we successfully reached a participatory and democratic decision on our demands. We’ve formulated these into a pledge, which we’re going to be demanding that a representative of the University sign:

The UK is facing devastating cuts to higher education and public services. We believe these cuts will have a profoundly negative effect for generations to come, disproportionately affecting people from less privileged backgrounds, and broadening the gap between rich and poor.

These cuts will fundamentally damage our courses and the quality of our students’ education. They will also make it more difficult for most people to access education and subsequent job opportunities.

There are alternatives to reducing the national deficit than through these austerity measures, and we believe that, contrary to what the government has promised, cuts in higher education and public services will prove more detrimental to the economy.

We, the University of Edinburgh, recognise the intrinsic value of education in all subjects and that education is a public good above and beyond profit.

We pledge that the workers at this university will not suffer compulsory redundancies or deterioration of their terms and conditions as a result of these cuts.

We voice solidarity with all other UK universities and their students facing hardship as a result of the proposed cuts and tuition fees rises. We will endeavour to convince Russell Group members and other universities to take a similar stance.

We pledge to act with transparency over any projections of cuts in relation to the future decreases in university funding and allow for a real and meaningful consultation with the student body, members of staff and their trades unions.

We will take no action against any of the persons involved in this protest or any previous protests in line with these beliefs.

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